Sunday, July 19, 2009

Sister Blog

My family and I eat out so often, I thought I'd start a restaurant review blog as well. If you're interested, give it a visit. Hope you find it useful!


  1. Where's the best seafood restaurant in the area with decent sweet tea?

  2. Dang it, when YOU find one, let ME know! LOL

    There used to be a good one on OBT here locally, but it closed. :(

    Over in Cocoa, there's a place named "Fishlips" out by the port that I'll be talking about on my food blog soon. You'll probalby like it, if you want to make the drive.

  3. Cheesecake factory is a fav of mine in Winter Park, its in the back of Ruth Chris steakhouse another goodie.

  4. For Seafood try Bogart's on International drive